Monday, February 2, 2009

Week Wrap-up

So I didn't have time to do a wip Wednesday this past week, nothing special was going on I was finishing my swap package to send out on Friday (no pics) and cut up some fq's. I did receive my package from Amanda for the Valentines Day swap, it was very cute! I received a mini mirror that's going to be perfect to carry around in my purse, some roll on perfume (lavender, smells delicious), some lavender blueberry chocolate (always wanted to try but never did) I love how it tastes! Milo got a toy giraffe, some freeze dried fruit, and some blow pops. Here are some pics!
I did have a picture of everything laid out but am not able to find it at the moment.
Here is a picture of hers all packed up ready to ship off.
Friday finds
I couldn't resist this stripped stretch knit, two yards for a buck! Now I have to find an undie pattern! Sorry if that's to much info but I would love to make some undies in the near future and will probably blog about it.
Lets see what else happened this past week...My father is helping me set up an upholstery shop in the garage and we moved some stuff out there, it is still far from finished though.
I made three batches of soap this past week, one batch of unscented/uncolored and two batches of unscented/uncolored with oatmeal. I also have some lavender infusing right now to make some more lavender soap.
I did not get my shop up yet but will be adding things to it starting tomorrow (my half day off), wish me luck!


racrobin said...

I love his face in that second picture! He's like, wow, what is this!!

Cute shirt... :)

Amanda said...

Thanks, I got it right at the best time! I didnt know you had a blog!!!

Beth said...

Oh, the pictures arent working for me. :( I love that red fabric with the cars in the lines, too cute! It would be great to make a little basket to store all the toy cars in!

Yeah, I didnt know Rachel had started another blog either!!

susan said...

haha cant wait to see your undies!!
did you check online at vogue for an undie pattern?the pix arent working for me either