Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Few Nice Things..

If anyone out there in blog land is looking for some nice quality plugs here is the place to go. I've ordered multiple plugs from them throughout the years and have always been pleased with my purchase. My next purchase will (hopefully) be these beauties, I just have to justify spending $125 on them, so it may not happen anytime soon, maybe if I get a nice tax return :) If anyone has any other places they like to get plugs from please let me know! It's always good to spread the word of quality plugs.

I love this video, I love the song even more.
Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

I made some laundry soap today, now I have to wait 24 hours for it to gel. I hope it turns out good because I am completely out of laundry soap and would hate to have to buy another container. I should have an update on that tomorrow.
I also worked on my etsy, now I have my bio and shop policies all filled out! Yay!! Now all that's left is listing items, I hope to get at least one item on by the end of the night. Wish me luck!


Beth said...

I am not wishing you luck, I am 2 to your 0 listings!
((insert evil cry of laughter here))

susan said...

that video was so cool!! i loved the sock fish
did your soap gel?
dont be catty beth :op

Amanda said...

It did..somewhat, Im not sure what its supposed to look like but it works! I guess thats all that matters right? Maybe I'll just take a shot at dry detergant next time.