Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Resin Plugs

So this technically is my second batch (and the sprinkles are the third). I got frustrated with the first and put them aside. I actually ended up having the same problem with these ones but since have realized that it was because the temperature was to low, they turned out okay...could have been better if I had a mini heater to begin with but because I didn't they don't have as smooth a surface that I would like (and they are kind of cloudy). The sprinkle ones turned out great and I am very pleased with them. I also made some coaster molds last night but I am not sure how well they will turn out. I can't wait to do more, I was kind of negative after the first batch but now I'm as excited as when I first started and ready to do more!
They need a little work but don't think I'll work on these much more.
Sorry for the blurry pic. The sprinkles are only on the top...next time I'll have to put more in.
At least I'm making progress!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thrifty Weekend

I went to some rummage sales this past Friday and Saturday, I also ended up going to a HUGE flea market. This is what I found.
I got everything on Friday, it was kind of hectic on Saturday and the flea market was to overwhelming for me. Also Im trying to limit the things I buy, so far I think Im doing pretty good.
The bowl was .50 and is super cute, no perfect but thats why I love it.
3 life magazines $1 each, I plan on using them for coasters and crafts (except the disney one, I guess its a collectors item).
An old Racine map .75, a cute cute pattern .25 that I cant wait to do make, two decks of cards and the old journy to the center of the earth.
An old kitchen aid mixer for $20..just needs a good cleaning.
Im not sure how much suede I have on the bolts but its over a yard and I got them together for $6, deffinatly worth it.
My sister ended up buying the bowling ball bags took the balls to give to a coworker thats going to use them for something crafty and I got the bags!
The chairs I got for free!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New to resin and mold making...

So I've been wanting to start making things from resin but I have to admit I was intimidated and I kinda procrastinate.....a lot...but I'm working on it. Anyway probably about a month ago I bought all the things I would need to make molds, I made one right away (for plugs for stretch ears) and a couple weeks after that I made a bigger one but I never used them. Yesterday I finally buckled down and poured the first layer in each mold (6 earring molds in total) and today I put things in them and poured the second (and final) layer. I'm so excited and kinda bummed I didn't try this sooner! So far everything is looking good, no bubbles! I put something different in each one just to get a feel for how they would work with the resin. Here is what I put in each one:
1. Fabric
2. Old stamp
3. Old music sheet
4. Mini Sea Shells
5. Glass beads stained/dyed purple look like little stones
6. Henna...not sure how that will work
I cant wait to see them! I have already bought a pair of each size I would like to make molds for and am just waiting for them in the mail. I would also like to make coasters so there will soon be a mold for that...I will have to post my molds up here after I get the resin out!