Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thrifty Weekend

I went to some rummage sales this past Friday and Saturday, I also ended up going to a HUGE flea market. This is what I found.
I got everything on Friday, it was kind of hectic on Saturday and the flea market was to overwhelming for me. Also Im trying to limit the things I buy, so far I think Im doing pretty good.
The bowl was .50 and is super cute, no perfect but thats why I love it.
3 life magazines $1 each, I plan on using them for coasters and crafts (except the disney one, I guess its a collectors item).
An old Racine map .75, a cute cute pattern .25 that I cant wait to do make, two decks of cards and the old journy to the center of the earth.
An old kitchen aid mixer for $20..just needs a good cleaning.
Im not sure how much suede I have on the bolts but its over a yard and I got them together for $6, deffinatly worth it.
My sister ended up buying the bowling ball bags took the balls to give to a coworker thats going to use them for something crafty and I got the bags!
The chairs I got for free!!!


Beth said...

All good finds! I can't wait to see the chairs upholstered, and love the idea of using the mags for coasters! I would have never thought! I am free mon/thur this week, let me know when we can get together to craft! Maybe making plans will set me into labor,hehe.

susan said...

that is some fab finds. i especially like that bowl, and i agree, who cares if its not perfect
have you made any coasters yet??

Chef Cleo said...

That Kitchenaid mixer is just like mine, a hand me down from my Grandma...must be about 40 years old and still works great! Score!

Amanda said...

No coasters yet...I need to find a good mold or something I can make one out of :(
I love the mixer! Its way better than buying one for 200 and it works great!