Thursday, September 25, 2008

New to resin and mold making...

So I've been wanting to start making things from resin but I have to admit I was intimidated and I kinda procrastinate.....a lot...but I'm working on it. Anyway probably about a month ago I bought all the things I would need to make molds, I made one right away (for plugs for stretch ears) and a couple weeks after that I made a bigger one but I never used them. Yesterday I finally buckled down and poured the first layer in each mold (6 earring molds in total) and today I put things in them and poured the second (and final) layer. I'm so excited and kinda bummed I didn't try this sooner! So far everything is looking good, no bubbles! I put something different in each one just to get a feel for how they would work with the resin. Here is what I put in each one:
1. Fabric
2. Old stamp
3. Old music sheet
4. Mini Sea Shells
5. Glass beads stained/dyed purple look like little stones
6. Henna...not sure how that will work
I cant wait to see them! I have already bought a pair of each size I would like to make molds for and am just waiting for them in the mail. I would also like to make coasters so there will soon be a mold for that...I will have to post my molds up here after I get the resin out!


Beth said...

Well first off I didnt know you blogged! Yeah! good for you to finally start trying something new, and I hope plugs turn out good, and you can get a bunch of them made to sell for Christmas!

Amanda said...

Yeah I started it a while ago but only did the one post...oops. Im trying to keep up on it now. Key word trying! hehe