Monday, December 29, 2008

Still a scatterbrained clutterbug

So I've been getting a lot done but it also seems like its going nowhere and I'm getting nowhere with it. Its all just so frustrating and with the holidays I don't know where to start. I am still putting a lot off, still need to work on that, it will be one of my goals for the new year (goals not resolutions, I don't do resolutions). I am also taking so much on that I'm overwhelming myself so much.
I have no work this whole week and the family is out of town so Milo and I have the house to ourselves. I planned to get a lot done but once again procrastination kicked in. I did make two batches of soap that I'm pleased with, one lavender and the other rosemary mint but that's about it. I've slowed way down and have started taking some time for myself, I'm not saying its a bad thing but it is something I am not used to. Then again I've been thinking a lot and maybe I should be use to it, I do so much for everyone else I need to start treating myself the same way enjoying more rather than letting life pass me by.
I did have a wonderful Christmas with great family and friends, I got a lot of wonderful gifts including some amazing handmade items from my sil and aunt (and of course some amazing gifts from my other sil!) I really appreciate them and I hope they know that. I ended up making gift baskets for them each with a knitted wash cloth some hand made soap and a book (with other little gifts to go with the book).
I had my birthday since my last post and to celebrate I went to this adorable little yarn shop in Milwaukee and got some nice chunky yellow wool yarn. No pics for now, like I said earlier I've been relaxing and taking time for myself (actually I'm just to lazy to get off my butt right now). But I will show the finished projects when the time comes.
I have decided to focus more on making soap for my etsy, rather than soap and resin plugs. I really enjoy the soap making process and would like to stick to working with more organic substances if I were to venture into making plugs again, it just makes more sense to me, the resin ones are starting to kind of freak me out and I don't want to sell something that I myself am not going to use.
I know I keep rambling and I'm sure its no fun without the pics so I'll stop now. If anyone got through this I applaud you. Here's a little pic of something I made (and will defiantly be making more of). IMG_1102[1] IMG_1104[1]
I defiantly think it looks a lot better on other people but I still like it. Here's a few pics of some of the Christmas presents I got too :)
And the lovely weather (before it was 57 for a day and melted half of it).
Have a nice safe new year! And late Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mr. Procrastination married Miss Pack Rat and had me

Well kind of. Yes my mom does hold on to EVERYTHING and my dad does procrastinate about a lot of things (almost everything but work). Unfortunatly I have both traits from them, I procrastinate way way to much and I do tend to be a major pack rat (but only with the good stuff so its okay right???). These are the two major things I am (and have been) trying to change in my life for a long time. I was doing pretty good but now that winter is here and its dark before 5pm...well that just doesnt help me out at all. I need to get going on my goals, I have been but not like I should be. All of my extra energy needs to go to that. I also need to organize all of my stuff. I need to get rid of a lot and only keep the things that I definatly need. I am not playing the blame game because this is all my fault and I need to take care of it I am the only one who can change it. I am going to set a goal this week, by next Sunday I plan to have all my stuff organized, this means getting rid of a lot of things that will probably end up going to goodwill or someone who would appreciate it and love it like I did. My monthly goal will be to get a lot of things organized for my etsy shop and be ready to have it start up in the first two months of 2009. Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Sorry I've been gone for awhile. Right now there is so much going on in my life and its hard to keep up, but I'm going to try and post at least once a week from now on. The job is going good and Milo is doing really really good in daycare, he has started talking a lot more since he started going there. Other than work I haven't been doing much...slacking a lot on my crafting but with Christmas coming I realized I need to kick it up a notch. I cant write about much that I've been doing until after Christmas though otherwise some people might sneak a peek.
Last Thursday Milo sprained his foot so its been hard to get things done while having to carry him EVERYWHERE!! But he's doing a lot better now, yesterday we both got sick and he has a fever now but rather than having me carry him everywhere he's been crawling so I can get more done.
Yesterday I had to drive my mom and brothers to the airport they'll be in Florida for a week (my dad drove down Thursday) so I'm free!! Just being home alone for a day has made me realize how much I need to get out on my own, I got a lot done last night that I wouldn't have been able to with the boys here. I would rather buy a house than rent so it's still going to be a little bit, I hope to be out before 2010 though and with the way things are going that is defiantly a possibility.
I ha vent been able to make any soap because our stove is broken (broke right before my mom left). The door on the oven wont close all the way, I foolishly made supper in it last night, propping a chair up against the oven doesn't help much....I don't think Ill use it again until its fixed.
I plan on opening my etsy shop in the beginning of 2009, I was working on some plugs last night here's 2/3 of what I have that still needs to be finished. I need to invest in a buffing wheel and get some sandpaper to finish them all off. I will be making some that are more unique than these this week.
Sis got a new pup..she named her izzy

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Upholstery Sewing Machine!!!

So I didn't get to go to many sales this weekend but I did score big at one (out of the three I went to). I went out Thursday to a rummage sale that had advertised an upholstery sewing machine, I dont really have the room for it but wanted to check it out anyway. They were asking $150 for the machine and a bunch of other stuff...They didnt have it outside but had some picuters...I passed it up but went back on friday ten min before they were closing up to see if it was still there and it was! I offered her $60 and got it!!! I didnt realize how much stuff this machine came with until we got it home. I got a good size box of nails/tacks a box of button parts to make fabric covered buttons (theres hundreds of these things!! Milo calls them money hehe), a handy junior button maker with pieces for differnt sizes (not sure how many yet, at least two), ? yards of lime green vinyl, ? yards of...welt cord?, ? yards of pli-grip metal strip...I think thats about it...All for $60 I cant believe it!!!
P.S. Sorry for the messy garage :) the machine also needs a little cleaning
And here are some of the molds I have been working on for resin! Not the best ones I've made (look wise) but Im working on it and getting better :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Resin Plugs

So this technically is my second batch (and the sprinkles are the third). I got frustrated with the first and put them aside. I actually ended up having the same problem with these ones but since have realized that it was because the temperature was to low, they turned out okay...could have been better if I had a mini heater to begin with but because I didn't they don't have as smooth a surface that I would like (and they are kind of cloudy). The sprinkle ones turned out great and I am very pleased with them. I also made some coaster molds last night but I am not sure how well they will turn out. I can't wait to do more, I was kind of negative after the first batch but now I'm as excited as when I first started and ready to do more!
They need a little work but don't think I'll work on these much more.
Sorry for the blurry pic. The sprinkles are only on the time I'll have to put more in.
At least I'm making progress!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thrifty Weekend

I went to some rummage sales this past Friday and Saturday, I also ended up going to a HUGE flea market. This is what I found.
I got everything on Friday, it was kind of hectic on Saturday and the flea market was to overwhelming for me. Also Im trying to limit the things I buy, so far I think Im doing pretty good.
The bowl was .50 and is super cute, no perfect but thats why I love it.
3 life magazines $1 each, I plan on using them for coasters and crafts (except the disney one, I guess its a collectors item).
An old Racine map .75, a cute cute pattern .25 that I cant wait to do make, two decks of cards and the old journy to the center of the earth.
An old kitchen aid mixer for $20..just needs a good cleaning.
Im not sure how much suede I have on the bolts but its over a yard and I got them together for $6, deffinatly worth it.
My sister ended up buying the bowling ball bags took the balls to give to a coworker thats going to use them for something crafty and I got the bags!
The chairs I got for free!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New to resin and mold making...

So I've been wanting to start making things from resin but I have to admit I was intimidated and I kinda procrastinate.....a lot...but I'm working on it. Anyway probably about a month ago I bought all the things I would need to make molds, I made one right away (for plugs for stretch ears) and a couple weeks after that I made a bigger one but I never used them. Yesterday I finally buckled down and poured the first layer in each mold (6 earring molds in total) and today I put things in them and poured the second (and final) layer. I'm so excited and kinda bummed I didn't try this sooner! So far everything is looking good, no bubbles! I put something different in each one just to get a feel for how they would work with the resin. Here is what I put in each one:
1. Fabric
2. Old stamp
3. Old music sheet
4. Mini Sea Shells
5. Glass beads stained/dyed purple look like little stones
6. Henna...not sure how that will work
I cant wait to see them! I have already bought a pair of each size I would like to make molds for and am just waiting for them in the mail. I would also like to make coasters so there will soon be a mold for that...I will have to post my molds up here after I get the resin out!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chaise Lounge Love

So this summer I went to an auction with my best friend about 30-45 min away from my house with the intent to buy two giant fiber glass giraffe's, but thankfully they went to high and I did not get them. I hadn't really planned on bidding on anything else but I thought there were a lot of really neat things that I would like to have but did not have the room for. The thing that caught my eye the most (besides the giraffe's!) were two chaise lounges that were pretty old and in need of major tlc, I figured they'd go for a good amount so it wasn't worth even looking at. By the time they got around to the chaise's my friend had walked away from me, NO ONE was bidding on them so I ended up getting both for $2.50 a piece! Then my friend walked back and freaked out, the thing is I have a station wagon and a it was going to be a crazy time trying to fit everything in my car without having to take two trips. We got one in and the second one kinda fit but it wasn't going to work. As we were trying to figure everything out this older woman came up and asked us if there was anything good, but by then the auction had ended so I offered her the second chaise lounge that we weren't going to be able to get in. She said she would love to have it but has no room or time for it at the moment but she would help us load it. We finally ended up getting it in to where it only stuck out the window of the back of my car and she offered to give us some pieces of red fabric to strap on the back for legal purposes (she lived right down the road). I went into her garage with her to get the fabric and she had two huge looms, so we found out she made rugs for a living! In the end we made a friend and I ended up with some amazing deals on the furniture.
Here is what I did with the first one (sorry no before pic)
Picture 019
Picture 020
Picture 017
And the second (before and after pics)
I have now fallen in love with chaise lounge chairs and reupholstering furniture.