Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A New Start

I've been away for awhile...a long while. I just didn't have the energy to blog, that and I've been blue and lazy the past...however long it's been. The weather is starting to look up and that seems to be helping a lot. I have new plans, new goals, I need a new start. My etsy has been doing okay, haven't sold anything handmade yet :( all my fabric has just been piling up..I decided a month or so ago not to buy anymore until I move some out, that was a very good idea and I stuck to it. I got my serger in the mail and I LOVE it to death! I've made a couple of things (that I don't have pictures of yet but will in a day or two, I promise no procrastinating) and although I haven't been buying sheets I have bought a few pieces of clothing to alter and revamp.
It rained all day this past Saturday, Sunday morning I woke up to step on a soaking wet carpet (I live in my parents basement). I did not realize how bad it was until I looked around, where there wasn't carpet there was at least an inch of water. Needless to say I spent my whole Sunday cleaning and ripping up carpet, fun times. I wasn't to thrilled about it but as the day went on I realized how much crap I have that I don't use and don't need. I hoard my fabric and nothing ever gets used. This is when I decided to clean everything out, I will not be selling fabric on my etsy anymore because I do not have the space for it and I would like to venture into other things. Right now having all that I do is unrealistic and it's probably not good for my health either.
I gave over 75% of my fabric to a local woman who makes things for cancer patients, I also ended up giving her 95% of my stuffing (I probably should have given it all to her). At least now the fabric will be used for a good cause and appreciated.
I have a 30lb box of knit fabric that is on ebay right now....30lbs!!!! I know what your thinking, yeah it was that bad....I had an addiction and I'm happy to say that I am recovering from it and don't plan on going back.
The hunt continues for a house, although I could defiantly be spending more time on that than I am, I'm in no rush but I will be putting more effort into it in the near future.
Milo is growing up sooo fast! I hope I've been making all the right decisions for him and he will thank me for it in the future but I have been struggling to justify certain things and decisions I have made involving him. I don't feel bad about anything I've done I just wonder if it's the best way to go about it.