Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chaise Lounge Love

So this summer I went to an auction with my best friend about 30-45 min away from my house with the intent to buy two giant fiber glass giraffe's, but thankfully they went to high and I did not get them. I hadn't really planned on bidding on anything else but I thought there were a lot of really neat things that I would like to have but did not have the room for. The thing that caught my eye the most (besides the giraffe's!) were two chaise lounges that were pretty old and in need of major tlc, I figured they'd go for a good amount so it wasn't worth even looking at. By the time they got around to the chaise's my friend had walked away from me, NO ONE was bidding on them so I ended up getting both for $2.50 a piece! Then my friend walked back and freaked out, the thing is I have a station wagon and a kid...so it was going to be a crazy time trying to fit everything in my car without having to take two trips. We got one in and the second one kinda fit but it wasn't going to work. As we were trying to figure everything out this older woman came up and asked us if there was anything good, but by then the auction had ended so I offered her the second chaise lounge that we weren't going to be able to get in. She said she would love to have it but has no room or time for it at the moment but she would help us load it. We finally ended up getting it in to where it only stuck out the window of the back of my car and she offered to give us some pieces of red fabric to strap on the back for legal purposes (she lived right down the road). I went into her garage with her to get the fabric and she had two huge looms, so we found out she made rugs for a living! In the end we made a friend and I ended up with some amazing deals on the furniture.
Here is what I did with the first one (sorry no before pic)
Picture 019
Picture 020
Picture 017
And the second (before and after pics)
I have now fallen in love with chaise lounge chairs and reupholstering furniture.


Grace said...

This is so fun!! I loved reading the entire story of how you got the $2.50 chaises :D Sticking halfway out of your car is the only way to go with vintage treasures. I can't wait to see your sister's new living room with all the reupholstered delights!

Amanda said...

It was a lot of fun, I would do it again in a heartbeat! And now after I got the chaises there are 3 people that want one so Im keeping an eye out for more. Im not sure when Ill get my sisters living room done...they're moving soon and its not one of her top prioritys.