Thursday, January 22, 2009


I've been keeping busy (as always). My biggest project was organizing my bed/craft room. I got all the big things done within a week and now its just down to organizing papers and little supplies. My bed has been put away and I am now sleeping on a futon, once you get a queen size bed out of a tiny room it clears up a lot of space. I don't have any before pictures but just imagine a bed taking up over half the room.
My fabric is now in front of my face wanting to be used instead of stored away in a closet.
All my scrap fabric for stuffing. I told you I can't throw anything away!
Books :D
Sheets needed to be cut, easy to get to. And my button maker that I need to use more!
Last but not least a little dresser with all my ribbon, buttons, zippers, thread. I painted it a pistachio color last week. Can you believe I almost threw it away because I thought it was useless and ugly!?!

A little break and some fun we had.
I am going to start posting a blog every Wednesday with my work in progress projects (WIP Wednesday, maybe you've heard of it??) I snatched the idea from my sil who snatched it from somewhere else. I was not able to get mine done this Wednesday so here it is a little late. I ended up making two batches of soap last night, one lavender and the other uncolored/unscented.
I like how natural they look and hope to incorporate recycling with my packaging. Once they are hard enough I'll be putting them in my etsy, the shop isn't up yet but it should be by the end of the month!!!


Beth said...

Yeah! what a post! your room looks great! I bet you are glad you didnt throw out that dresser now, it is super cute and looks very handy!
It is good to hear you are doing so much soap making, you have good stuff! I love the last pic, with all the bars facing one way...
yeah for another wip wednesday'er!

Beth said...

Oh, I LOVE your new profile!

susan said...

love the look of your "new" room. it will be nice to have so much space now!! are you using small sheet bits for stuffing??? we need to get you quilting.... love the pic of you and milo, too cute. the soap pix look great, i like the second and third ones. they look very pretty and natural