Monday, January 12, 2009

Milo's Birthday and Salvation Army Finds

So Saturday I made it to Salvation Army and got to look at the sheets. I am sooo happy I went! They had half off on white tags that day so everything except for one set of sheets was half off. Now I'll just have to go back for all the other ones when they're half off :)
I absolutely adore the sheets in the last photo. I didn't have much shopping time so I really didn't look at what the set came with, I thought it was a bedroom set but it ended up being three fitted sheets and two loose sheets. I'm thinking of making it a bedroom set for Milo and I'm sure I'll have some left over. Any other ideas?
Sunday was Milo's birthday, every year my grandparents come over with cake and presents. So we all started cleaning, that led to deeper cleaning and I ended up downstairs in a big mess (I'll be blogging about that very soon). Around four we started making supper (veggie lasagna!) and everyone (grandparents and my best friend Madelyn) got there around six. We played wii had supper ate cake and opened presents, very long day. Milo had a blast and didn't want to go to bed at the end of the night (to excited about his train sets he got). Here are a few (of the many) pictures.
All in all we had a fantastic weekend hope you did too! Now I'm off to finish cleaning!


Grace said...

How cute is your family!? I love the sheets you have found as well -- my favorite is the wild animals print. That would make for a pretty wall hanging if you stretched the sheet, although a child would most appreciate the adventures he could have with the sheets on the bed ;)

Amanda said...

Thank you so much! Wouldn't know what to do without my little bugger. I love the animal print sheets! That is a very good idea! There's so much of it I know I'll have left overs and I may just try that out! Thank you!

Beth said...

Yeah! what good finds! I was on the phone with you telling you about one of those sheets, glad you picked it, uphalf off! I didnt see that awesome kids animal print at S.A. when I was there...

susan said...

oh geez, i adore that green one...i need to buy some from you, so set some aside for me,please :o)
the animal one is too cute and if you do cut up some for your shop, think of me first too, hehe. the pic of milos bday are just too flippin adorable. that cake looks delish. did you make? would love the for the sheet sets, to extend what grace was saying you could wrap some of the fabric around a big canvas and staple it on back as a sort of can even get an ugly big one at the thrift store...

Amanda said...

I think I just might have to keep the animal print one for myself hehe but I'll let you know if I do cut it up...there is quite a bit. My grandma made the cake, I could ask for the recipe if you would like. Oh and I'll let you know before I list any sheets