Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday Finds!!

So I usually go thrifting on Wednesdays but since I missed this Wednesday I went Friday. I think I'll be going on Fridays more often now. I also only go to Value Village, although I usually plan on going to all of them it doesn't happen and I need to work on getting to all of them. Anywho I found oodles of sheets and fabric, I also picked up a telescope for my brother for his birthday some embroidery hoops for my sil and some contact paper for wall decals. I found a lot of goodies but limited myself to the ones I liked best (that and I only brought a $20...ended up spending $17). Without further ado
This one is actually from last week
I love this one and wish it were bigger. It used to be a picnic table cloth so its about the same size as the top of a picnic table, bummer.
This one is only a pillowcase :(
Hopefully there's a sheet somewhere in the back they will put out eventually.
Hope you enjoyed! I'll be back next week with more!! Hopefully a nice selection too :)
P.S. Decided to not make my own soap molds and just search for things I can use as molds, so until then my soap is going to be done in loaf pans :)


Beth said...

love the scarf you made out of that plaid fabric :O)

Thanks for the hoops!

susan said...

hehe, i was going to say the same thing beth!! its really pretty.
i wish i was half as lucky at my thrift stores as you are!!! those are all gorgeous