Thursday, January 8, 2009

100 Things

1. I'm a mess (it's okay I'm sure you are too)
2. I'm horrible at spelling
3. My right foot is bigger than my left
4. I hate it and wish you could buy a pair of shoes in different sizes
5. No meat for me please, it's a personal decision please respect it
6. I hate people with no manners
8. I think I'm pretty polite
9. I have self worth
10. Self confidence, not so much
11. But I don't care what others think of me
12. I get very anxious at random times...I hate it
13. I cut my own hair...never said I was good at it
14. I think I'm pretty crafty
15. But not all the time
16. I WILL someday own my own business
17. No clue what it will be
18. Reupholstering???
19. Own a store???
20. The sky is my limit
21. I know I can do anything
22. I get discouraged easily
23. unless I'm very determined
24. I love cute clothes but don't know how to wear them
25. I love heels
26. Unlike my sister I can walk in them...jk...kinda :)
27. I'm plain
28. But exciting
29. Not funny
30. But I make people laugh
31. Mostly at me and the ridiculous things I do
32. I love it
33. I love thrifting
34. I plan on never buying anything new again
35. Except underwear
36. And food
37. I have goals
38. I should write them down
39. I procrastinate...a lot (obviously)
40. I take on to many projects at once
41. After spending way to much money on them I forget about them
42. I need to declutter my life
43. I love coffee
44. I may love tea more
45. I haven't decided and probably never will
46. I'm short...even in heels
47. I love it
48. I've made clothes before
49. I would love to make clothes that actually look good on people
50. I spend way to much time online
51. I actually don't think I'm on that much...maybe
52. I want to buy a house
53. I'm on my way in doing so
54. I LOVE cowl necks!!!
55. And mango's
56. And of course Milo :)
57. I'm a positive person
58. It's hard to be positive around negative people
59. I hate it and how it makes me feel to be around them.
60. I hate feet
61. I want to spin yarn
62. I'm trying to focus on only one or two things at the moment
63. I keep to myself and don't go out much
64. I don't think its a bad thing but it might be
65. I believe in karma
66. I believe in God
67. I go to church
68. I love corny 80's horror movies
69. I need more books
70. My parents own their own business and are doing good
71. Doesn't mean I'm spoiled or get things from them
72. I grew up with very little
73. I'm grateful that I did, it taught me a lot
74. I would like to change the world and help others as much as I can
75. I think abortion is disgusting and don't see how someone could ever do that to themselves or a child
76. I have strong opinions
77. I don't always voice them
78. I am open to others opinions
79. I love my family and don't know what I'd do without them
80. They drive me nuts sometimes
81. I have amazing patients
82. Most of the time
83. I love knee/thigh high socks
84. I don't wear flip flops or shorts to often
85. I would like to wear more dresses
86. I wish there was more time in the day
87. I'm sure I waste a lot and I should work on that
88. Old Saturday cartoons are way better than the new ones
89. I always used to think there was something health wise wrong with me
90. Now I hope there's not
91. I use to think I knew a lot
92. I wasn't even close, and am still not
93. I need to go back to school
94. I hate throwing things away
95. Even garbage
96. I hate grape/watermelon flavored things but love grapes and watermelon
97. I say sorry way to much, people think its odd
98. I've gotten better with it
99. Looking back this doesn't seem to interesting
100. Sorry


Beth said...

That was too interesting! There was a few things I didnt even know about you, and you have been in my fam, for what, like 5 years +?

susan said...

i loved reading it, it helped me to know you more! knee high socks, huh?

Amanda said...

Knee socks are the best!!! I'll have to make some of my own when I have the time...aka never lol