Sunday, November 23, 2008


Sorry I've been gone for awhile. Right now there is so much going on in my life and its hard to keep up, but I'm going to try and post at least once a week from now on. The job is going good and Milo is doing really really good in daycare, he has started talking a lot more since he started going there. Other than work I haven't been doing much...slacking a lot on my crafting but with Christmas coming I realized I need to kick it up a notch. I cant write about much that I've been doing until after Christmas though otherwise some people might sneak a peek.
Last Thursday Milo sprained his foot so its been hard to get things done while having to carry him EVERYWHERE!! But he's doing a lot better now, yesterday we both got sick and he has a fever now but rather than having me carry him everywhere he's been crawling so I can get more done.
Yesterday I had to drive my mom and brothers to the airport they'll be in Florida for a week (my dad drove down Thursday) so I'm free!! Just being home alone for a day has made me realize how much I need to get out on my own, I got a lot done last night that I wouldn't have been able to with the boys here. I would rather buy a house than rent so it's still going to be a little bit, I hope to be out before 2010 though and with the way things are going that is defiantly a possibility.
I ha vent been able to make any soap because our stove is broken (broke right before my mom left). The door on the oven wont close all the way, I foolishly made supper in it last night, propping a chair up against the oven doesn't help much....I don't think Ill use it again until its fixed.
I plan on opening my etsy shop in the beginning of 2009, I was working on some plugs last night here's 2/3 of what I have that still needs to be finished. I need to invest in a buffing wheel and get some sandpaper to finish them all off. I will be making some that are more unique than these this week.
Sis got a new pup..she named her izzy


Beth said...

Aww, the pup is so cute! I love his thomas pjs too :)

Amanda said...

He found the pjs :)
And he loves them...wants to wear them all the time! The pup is super cute but can be a stinker