Sunday, October 5, 2008

Upholstery Sewing Machine!!!

So I didn't get to go to many sales this weekend but I did score big at one (out of the three I went to). I went out Thursday to a rummage sale that had advertised an upholstery sewing machine, I dont really have the room for it but wanted to check it out anyway. They were asking $150 for the machine and a bunch of other stuff...They didnt have it outside but had some picuters...I passed it up but went back on friday ten min before they were closing up to see if it was still there and it was! I offered her $60 and got it!!! I didnt realize how much stuff this machine came with until we got it home. I got a good size box of nails/tacks a box of button parts to make fabric covered buttons (theres hundreds of these things!! Milo calls them money hehe), a handy junior button maker with pieces for differnt sizes (not sure how many yet, at least two), ? yards of lime green vinyl, ? yards of...welt cord?, ? yards of pli-grip metal strip...I think thats about it...All for $60 I cant believe it!!!
P.S. Sorry for the messy garage :) the machine also needs a little cleaning
And here are some of the molds I have been working on for resin! Not the best ones I've made (look wise) but Im working on it and getting better :)


Beth said...

Ah-hah! That is why you are cleaning out your garage today! You will have your own little upholtery studio out there! Just in time for it to get cold of course, hehe. Resin molds look great, if they are functionable then who cares how they appear! Great score for $60 and I hope you make some cute fabric covered buttons!

Amanda said...

Thanks!! I thought I told you about it!! Well maybe I forgot to mention that I bought it hehehe
Yup Ill be in the garage all winter any chance I get, upholstery and resin projects!!!

Grace said...

WOW! Great find -- and what a fantastic deal :) This is wonderful for your reupholstery projects, and it looks very heavy duty. I can't wait to see the fabric covered buttons and what you'll do with the reupholstery projects!

Amanda said...

Thanks! Im starting another job this monday so I'll be booked 12 hours a day 6 days a week...hopefully Ill still be able to get my crafting in!

susan said...

so when were you going to tell me you got a blog???? is the contraption for making buttons or badges?? so cool if it is a badge maker. i bought one but it makes the bigger size and i want a smaller sized one.

Lomond Soap said...

Hi Amanda, first off thanks for following my blog :)
That is a serious piece of kit!! Did you know that your machine started life only 10 miles away from me here in Scotland, how strange is that?!
I'm in awe of your upholstery skills, the chaise are wonderful.
See you around, Corrie

Amanda said...

Thank you sooo much Corrie! I did not know that about my machine! Amazing isn't it?? Sorry Im replying late its been crazy here. Sorry Susan thought you knew! lol

Amanda said...

Oh and Susan yes that is the button making machine! lol it has two different size...uhhh punches??? I forget what they are called and Im to lazy to look it up right now