Monday, May 4, 2009

Sweater Recons!

So I tried to get this post up sooner but our internet has been messed up the past week. Nothing to fancy. The top left was a large men's sweater, can be worn as a shirt or a dress with leggings. Top right was a long sleeve turtle neck that was to big for me so I cut off the sleeves and re-sized it. The bottom one was a large button up sweater, and is little hard to explain how I did but I'll try, I cut off the sleeves, seam ripped the sides then pulled the front sides together to meet in the back and the back sides are pulled together in the front so there are long pockets on the inside (make sense?).
I am working on reupholstering a chair at the moment, hopefully it will be done by next week. I also have a dress to post about soon :) and hopefully some more recons.
I don't have a good view of this one so I'll just post this picture. It was a men's large button up flannel that I resized..well tried to doesn't close :( but I still love it
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Have an awesome week!

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